The world's leading end-user digital skills certification.


International Computer Driving Licence

ICDL offers the world's leading end-user digital skills certification. The courses address the needs of employees and students covering a wide variety of digital skills needed for today's workplace

Is ICDL for me?

If you are are a student in school, a university graduate starting out your career or an experiences profession wishing to enhance your skill set, ICDL offers the solution.

What ICDL Modules should I do?

Candidates should choose the modules suited to their learning objectives, whether they are in education, looking for employment or in the workforce, All successfully passed modules are listed on your ICDL Profile certificate. Candidates can choose to add extra modules at any time as the candidate registration number is for life


Every module you pass will be listed on your ICDL profile Certificate. You can sit more modules at any time in the future, which are added to your ICDL Profile, expanding your digital literacy and competence.

ICDL Workforce Modules

  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation
  • Online Collaboration
  • IT Security

ICDL Professional Modules

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Planning
  • Using Databases
  • Computing ICT in Education

ICDL Advanced Modules

  • Advanced Word Processing
  • Advanced Presentations
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Advanced Databases


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