Cybersecurity Essentials

The Cybersecurity Essentials course covers foundational knowledge in all aspects of
security in the cyber world, including information security, systems security, network
security, mobile security, physical security, ethics and laws. It builds students’ skills in
related technologies, procedures, defense and mitigation techniques used in protecting


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Course Features

34 interactive activities

10 Cisco Packet Tracer activities


12 hands-on labs

Certificate of Completion from Cisco

Course Description

Course Objectives (What you will learn)
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the characteristics of criminals and specialists in the cybersecurity realm.
  • Describe how the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability as they relate to data states and cybersecurity countermeasures.
  • Describe the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals.
  • Describe technologies, products and procedures used to protect confidentiality, ensure integrity and provide high availability.
  • Explain how cybersecurity professionals use technologies, processes and procedures to defend all components of the network.
  • Explain the purpose of laws related to cybersecurity.
Who Should Apply
Prerequisites | Requirements

Course Preview

Cybersecurity – A World of Wizards, Heros and Criminals
  • Describe the cybersecurity world, criminals and professionals.
  • Compare how cybersecurity threats affect individuals, businessand organization.
  • Explain the structure and efforts committed to expanding thesecurity workforce.
The Cybersecurity Sorcery Cube
Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks
The Art of Protecting Secrets
The Art of Ensuring Integrity
The Realm of Five Nines
Fortifying the Kingdom
Joining the Order of Cybersecurity Specialists

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Exam & certification

To get the IT essentials certificate, you will need:
  • To attend one complete batch.
  • Successful evaluation of all practical projects
  • 80% score in course test

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